Please send me your local version of Major incident messages

Dr. Toni Staykova, FRACP Coordinator Concorde Project at Cambridge University Hospitals

Dear Colleagues, As per my previous message on MPDS codes, we are also looking for the local versions of the major incident status codes. We want to populate in our COncORDE system the incident status codes (major incident standard messages) officially used in each country. I have the UK codes from the NARU, e.g. MAJOR INCIDENT ALERT / STANDBY, MAJOR INCIDENT CONFIRMED / DECLARED, MAJOR INCIDENT CANCEL, AMBULANCE MAJOR INCIDENT STOP, AMBULANCE MAJOR INCIDENT SCENE EVACUATION COMPLETE, AMBULANCE MAJOR INCIDENT STAND DOWN May I ask you to help us out finding the official messages in your country? I am happy to tell you more about our work and show you what we are doing. Many thanks Toni

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