Company Overview

Current Challenges for 112 Operators and First Responders

The manner in which we communicate today has changed dramatically and 112 has been challenged to meet this transition. This document outlines some of the most critical challenges facing 112 in Europe today. These items were gleaned by surveying industry experts during EENA events over the last several months. They include all aspects of 112 from regulatory, to technical, political, PSAP reform, Next Generation and location. The ELI System positively impacts all of these needs; most importantly it enables 112 operators to design and improve their 112 systems in a managed, controlled way and replace the aged 112 infrastructure that was engineered over 45 years ago.


The ELI Business Case

ELI Business Case is an inclusive document that covers various aspects and components of ELI that positively impacts 112 including the PSAP operator and helps to quantify these benefits. From IP location, infrastructure renewal, and Next Generation platform through to interoperability, the ELI System provides better information, faster so that 112 caller outcomes are improved. It also illustrates how the efficiencies provided by the ELI system positively impact a PSAP operator from a financial and resource allocation perspective.


ELI Impacts on Mobile

Accurate and automatic location is a pressing need for 112 including Enterprise IP and personal VoIP, but none more pressing than mobile location. With almost two thirds of 112 calls originating from mobile devices, mobile location is an essential and complex piece of the puzzle. The ELI system provides a platform over which these location aware devices can provide location information to 112 call operators. Additionally, with the ELI Edge network covering all IP connections (and WiFi access points), ELI’s network of access points with accurate location information can be leveraged to provide an unprecedented level of reliable information, including indoor and dense urban locations,  to a PSAP operator. As such, the ELI system provides  significant improvement for Mobile location. ELI can also provide a platform and access point for AML (Advanced Mobile Location, a system being promoted that provides an interim step to improved location).


In Concluding

The ELI System provides 112 IP location, Infrastructure Upgrade, Platform for Next Generation 112 and also Interoperability. This system improves or resolves many of the issue facing 112 in Europe and does so in a manner that positively impacts ALL 112 stakeholders. The business case provides a solid financial and efficiency framework to justify deployment. The need to provide 112 for “any device, anywhere any time” is met with ELI.

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