Company Overview

Vodafone Automotive is part of Vodafone Internet of Things, a global provider of IoT products and solutions with over 18 million connected vehicles. It is exclusively focused in the offer of services and products for vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, fleet managers and in the development of innovative applications for the mobility of the future, such as V2V and V2X applications.

Vodafone Automotive has over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry and manages the entire value chain including the design and production of on-board telematics, the telematics platform, advanced data analytics functions. To drivers Vodafone Automotive provides 24/7 security and safety services in 45 countries in Europe and 54 globally including Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, USA.

Thanks to the interconnected network of Secure Operating Centres Vodafone Automotive is able to manage automatic emergency call alerts, successfully delivering this service. In automotive, the Porsche Car Connect OEM program include the assistance to Porsche customers in case of emergency, thanks to the airbag deployment alert, which is transmitted to the Secure Operating Centre across different continents. In the telematics motor insurance Vodafone Automotive enables insurance companies to offers to policyholders involved in a crash immediate support through our specialized Security Operators.

As a member of the Telematics Service Provider Association Vodafone Automotive Italia is taking part in “Private eCall” testing. Over 3 million drivers are involved in the test. In case of a crash they receive immediate support. Vital information, such as precise location of the crash incident, vehicle direction and speed before and after the crash are sent. The security experts evaluate the severity of the impact which is made available to emergency services who are able to intervene quickly and provide the right emergency response.

From this perspective, with this testing program Vodafone Automotive, strengthen its reputation as a leading provider of critical mobility services including possibility to directly contact the PSAP whenever the circumstance should require it.
Vodafone Automotive has also launched the Safety Pack - a solution enabling motorcycle manufacturers to offer a new security service to their customers. The major feature, dedicated to scooters and motorcycles, is the automatic emergency call generated in the case of an accident. In the case of a fall, the operator calls the rider to check whether help is needed, and if the rider does not answer the call, he evaluates the severity of the incident based on the digital reconstruction (received within a few seconds) and, if needed, contacts the PSAP immediately. The two-wheel specific service developed through Vodafone Automotive expertise in analyzing crash dynamics is specifically dedicated to two-wheel incidents - which differ substantially from those of four wheels, as stated in the Cologne International Motorcycle Conference in 2016.


This service is a new step towards safer mobility on the roads.

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