Company Overview

TECHWAN is a Swiss software company, specialized in public safety solutions. The company was created in May 2000. The founders had profited from a solid experiment in development of applications of Incident and Crisis Management Solutions for more than 10 years.

The products line is called SAGA; there are Solutions for police, civil defence, airports, ambulances departments and private sector. Each module was developed in collaboration with our customers.

Totally services oriented (SOA), SAGA is based on Visual Studio .Net 2015 and workstations are:
WPF for the fixed clients,
HTML5 for Internet and mobiles.

SAGA was chosen by French National Gendarmerie to create the world’s greatest CAD centre, with more than 6’000 workstations, spread all over Metropolitan France and Overseas, it is completely functional and, amongst other things, was the safety centre of G20 in Cannes and DDAY 70th anniversary.

SAGA line is:
An Incident Management Solution: SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL
A Crisis Management Solution: SAGA CRISIS
A large event planning tool: SAGA PLANNING
A Mobilization Solution: SAGA MOBILIZATION
A Victim’s management solution: SAGA VICTIM


SAGA is a completely services oriented (SOA) multi-layer solution.

SAGA is multiservice and can manage Police, Civil Defence and Ambulances, in multiservice on the same system. This can be made on workstation level or at incident type.

SAGA user interfaces are flexible and modular. They are defined outside the application, in a profile register. Profiles number is not limited and user interfaces can be adapted by systems engineer.

SAGA supports all types of fixed and mobile workstations: Multi-screens PC, laptops, PC tablets and Smartphones.

SAGA is multilingual and supports all alphabets: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arab and Chinese.

SAGA has a broad pallet of communication interfaces: PABX and IPBX, radio TETRA, TETRAPOL, LTE, recording voice and video, Paging, SMS, GPS, E-mail, Fax, API, CCTV, networks of alarm…



SAGA has several sizes of application servers. The biggest is able to support over 30’000 clients and can start 3’000 simultaneously.

SAGA can be virtualised and uses load balancing and software fault tolerance between the application servers. If one of them falls, all workstations will automatically be connected to other application servers, without any information loss.

SAGA application servers can be increased in real time. If more power is necessary, it is easy to add one or more servers, without disturbing operators. Load balancing will distribute them on available servers. It is the same for updates, which can be carried out in a sequential way, without disturbing users.

SAGA client is vector based. WPF and HTML5 allow adapting user interface size to reading capacities of each one.

SAGA is developed to satisfy all types of desired architecture: centralized, distributed and even cloud. Architecture is defined by network capacities, databases specificities and communication interfaces to be integrated.

SAGA product line is able to satisfy all your emergency requirements.

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