Company Overview
 Regola is a company of professionals with a strong domain experience, so the greater part of our offer relates to Emergency Services, Civil Protection, Voluntary Associations, Healthcare networks and Territorial control.

Consisting of young and highly professional teams - 80% of its developers have graduated from University and are certified in the technologies that they use - Regola builds its excellence by focusing on a very low turnover and on the development of in-house expertise.

Our solutions are Italian and English, but also Dutch and Lithuanian, and they are employed across nations in almost all the continents.

In Italy, our projects support one out of five Italians. The Regola solutions gather an increasing appreciation abroad for their characteristics of adaptability and for the solid technological architecture on which they are based. In both cases, the platforms and products that we manufacture are usually the result of a specialization path along which functionalities have been added, models have evolved and the application scenarios have been perfected to reach the level of excellence that sets us apart. This chapter is dedicated to them, to the most resonating results of our work.

With over twenty years of activity, there have been many projects which we implemented or to which we made contributions. On top of these, we must add the ongoing and the up-starting activities, in the continuous evolution that reflects our spirit of enterprise, of tireless renewal and research. The following are some of the most important experiences, both in Italy and abroad, and are the best testimony of our achievements.


The 118 Network of Operational Centres of the Piedmont Region

CAD SaveOnLine® platform

112 Operational Centres of the Piedmont Region

CAD uNiqUE platform

Civil Protection (National Guard) of the City of Turin

CAD ActOnLine® platform

Municipal Police of the City of Turin

CAD WatchOnLine® platform

115 Firefighters (various installations)

CAD FlareOnLine system and mobile component

More than 150 Municipalities

nowtice® software for alerts and team management

Over 100 Hospitals

ReMe, management of hospital availabilities


Tempore, Teleconsulting system

Over 80 Associations and Volunteer Groups

PASS system for transport management and on-board module

Non-urgent medical operational centres (various installations)

LowCode evaluation software for lower severity levels

Various installations

ServiceLead software for information to patients


Various installations

FlagMii system for localization and communication


Information material.


Web site               datasheet              YouTube Channel

CareOnLine® Digital system for Continued Medical Aid and Information Centres  

Web Site               Datasheet              Video

FlagMii® App for localization and emergencies

Web Site               Datasheet              Video

LowCode™ Evaluation and management of white and green codes

Web site (EN)       Datasheet

Nowtice® Alert and communication system

Web Site               Datasheet              Video

ORIENTÆ® Cartographic/OS and GIS Service for Operational Centres


ORIENTÆ® Planning Tools Territorial planning and simulation


PASS™ ERP Software for Volunteer Work and Public Assistance

Web Site               Datasheet

SaveOnBoard® On-board computer and fleet management


SaveOnLine® Software and tools for Healthcare Operational Centres


ServiceLead™ Directory of Services

                               Datasheet              Video

Sicuri conviene (Better off Safe) Campaign for alerts and security

Website                                                Video

UNiqUE™ Platform for the 112 Unique Emergency Number

Web Site               Datasheet              Video

WatchOnLine® Software for Police Operational Centres

                               Factsheet (EN)

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