Company Overview

Regola: developing the Hybrid Generation of Public Safety software

"When it comes to saving lives,
you can settle on mass-market solutions
or you can aim at the same mastery that Italy exports
in world-class art, tailoring and style."

Regola is an italian company with over 20 years of experience in Emergency software and Public Safety solutions. It is a small workshop of highly skilled professionals producing unique solutions renowned for their perfection, since if big firms aim to large-scale profit maximization, Regola, as a smaller company, believe in excellence, performance and trust.

Regola operates mainly as technology suppliers capable of providing all the expertise required by companies that wish to satisfy the standards of excellence set by the Emergency Management market. It is well known for its strong innovative approach which, not infrequently, become the driving force for competitors.

What do we do

We deliver cloud and on-premise software for EMS, Police, Fire and Civil Defence Control Rooms and for multi-agency / single emergency numbers scenarios. We are currently promoting our hybrid Incident Management approach, designed to relieve our customers from the technology details and to let them focus on the workflow and interoperability benefits of the software. We design custom and off-the-shelf mobile applications for geolocation and on-board solutions for MDTs (Mobile Data Terminals). We are also well known for our early warning platforms for Organisations and for the private sector.

Our winning values

A new concept of usability

We extend ergonomics to 1) having the exact and most effective information for the specific operation context, 2) using a software platform that can be configured by the end-user, without asking for technical support and even without rebooting the clients, 3) employing a solution that relieve you from all GDPR and Privacy requirements.

3-way scalability

Our solutions offer 1) horizontal scalability, as you can add functions and tools, 2) vertical scalability, supporting a larger or smaller number of Control Rooms or a different 112 model, 3) cross scalability, if you expand your organisational model with 3rd party technologies.

An effective real-time approach

Our solutions are designed to perform true Collaborative Operations in real-time. When the new data are available or the emergency scenario evolves, all workstations and operators are notified. Moreover, we implement the most effective definition of real-time, that is the certainty that the software keeps the same performance whatever the work load.

Post-implementation services

We are well-known for blending the creativity and common sense, typical of Italians, with scrupulous company ethics towards our partners and customers. We know when it is appropriate to flank your team with an effective support and when you need a broad independence to rely on your unique experience.

First European CAD with ProQA® Titanium Certification

Check out here why this makes the difference in every-day emergency response!
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