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Regola ICT solutions for Emergency

Regola is one of the most lively Italian ICT companies providing solutions for Public SafetyHealthcare and Telemedicine. For more than twenty years Regola has been managing Emergency Medical Services.
The company has also pioneered telemedicine activities and remote diagnostic data/image transmission in Italy and was among the first companies to develop the concept of a distributed emergency management.
Our innovative drive is still enduring, and is expressed through a range of cloud services, mobile systems, as well as geolocation and augmented reality applications.

Our products cover a wide range of emergency and healtcare key topics, such as:
  • Complete emergency workflow management software suite: SaveOnLine Suite 5
  • Mobile app for Rescue and geolocation: FlagMii
  • Alerting and mass notifications for emergency: nowtice
  • Cartography and geolocation tools: ORIENTÆ
  • White and Omega Codes (low priority) identification and management: LowCode
  • ERPs for Volunteer Management: PASS
Regola software solutions

Our competence in the area of Command and Control Systems allowed Regola to be regarded as a prestigious reference point at an international level, as witnessed by our long-term partnership with world leaders in the emergency dispatch area.

Regola’s very essence is that of an IT company strongly oriented toward advanced software design and tuning. We are highly specialised providers with an open, collaborative approach. That is what allows us to enter prestigious partnerships based on directness, common goals and exchange of know-how. The company relies on young and yet highly experienced professionals (80% of its web developers are graduates with specific certifications for the technologies they employ). This truly makes a difference in terms of goal pursuit.

Regola for Emergency
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