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A more powerful, Next Generation Integrated Command and Control platform is here. And it’s backed with Motorola Solutions’ years of proven mission critical experience and innovation. Within the information flowing between the public, responders, and agencies, it is the intelligence that builds a safer city. We’ll help you collect more of it, make it actionable and securely distribute it across mission critical devices and easy-to-manage networks. Our solutions will transform the way you respond and help build a reliable, standards-based operational environment – on your terms – so you can focus on your mission.

Expertise That Helps You Prepare

Today, command and control operations are taking centre stage. How do you keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape and the expectations that come along with it? How do you drive greater efficiency into your operation? Where do you begin? We can help you identify what you need – infrastructure, applications and resources – and map out a plan to integrate the next generation technologies that make sense first, evolving into a fully integrated platform over time. To begin this process, we’ll help you consider how to:

  • Handle new non-voice information without overwhelming staff
  • Integrate and enable innovative new applications
  • Create more intelligent, intuitive work flows
  • Manage and secure all data sources, including devices
  • Train personnel on new incident management procedures
  • Enable interoperability and data access outside your operation
  • Support and update networks, hardware and software cost-effectively
  • Ensure that new and legacy systems work seamlessly together
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