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Insta Response Oy

Insta Response Oy is part of independent and family owned Insta Group Corporation. Insta Response Oy is located in Tampere, Finland and employees currently around 70 public safety software professionals.

Insta Response is part of the Digital-Security-Defence business area within Insta. Other companies on that business area are Insta DefSec Oy and Intopalo Digital Oy. Together these companies provide their customers products, solutions and services for network-based command, control and communication systems, as well as for networking, security and data analysis. We also supply integration and maintenance services for critical systems in defence, security and public safety industry.


Insta ResponseTM for Emergency Management

Insta ResponseTM product family builds up a genuine Next Generation Emergency Services system. It consists of two independent product suites that also integrate seamlessly together:

- Insta Response Command Center for ERCs, PSAPs or command and control rooms

- Insta Response Field for field units


Insta Response Command Center

Insta Response provides integrated command and on-call tools for both single and multi-authority emergency response center and command and control room use. Several sites can be networked in such a manner that work loads are automatically balanced and situational awareness is upheld among them. Insta Response has been designed to operate in real-time 24/7,  under heavy load and to withstand a variety of fault situations. 


The main functionalities of Insta Response Command Center are:
Contact Handling, Risk Assessment, Response Evaluation, Dispatching, Incident Monitoring, Co-operation and Informing, Public Safety Situation Picture and Reporting and Analysis.


The main “non-functionalities” of Insta Response Command Center are:
• Seamless integration to various communication channels (e.g. PSTN, TETRA, email, SMS, automatic alarm systems)
• Service oriented architecture to support high availability and maintainability
• Supreme usability to support the operator in decision making when saving lives
• Decentralized data handling to enable reliable system scaling and load balancing


Insta Response Field

Insta Response Field is a field command system that provides all the necessary information from command and control rooms to the field and enables seamless communication between command and control rooms, and other field units. Insta Response Field integrates with the other elements of the Insta Response product family. Field units can operate efficiently either by self-direction or under upper management control. When Insta Response Command Center is used at the emergency response and command center level and Insta Response Field in the field, both products provide the highest possible benefit.

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