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Company Overview

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan in the United States, manufactures and distributes automobiles across six continents. With around 166,000 employees and 77 office and plant locations around the world. Ford Motor Company is focused on creating a strong business that builds great products that contribute to a better world.

We Go Further at Ford to meet the needs of our customers, the challenges of our industry and the issues confronting our world.


Emergency Assistance Overview

In the unlikely event of an accident, Ford SYNC®’s award-winning Emergency Assistance feature is triggered by an airbag activating or the fuel pump being cut off. So long as the user’s mobile phone is connected to SYNC®, the technology can use it to help make a direct call to the emergency services, giving them crucial information, such as GPS coordinates, and the ability to communicate with vehicle occupants. Emergency Assistance won “Best Mobile innovation for Automotive Transport or Utilities” at the 2012 Global Mobile Awards and a 2012 Euro NCAP Advanced Award.


Emergency Assistance Free Training Materials

Ford Motor Company has prepared a comprehensive training package to help Call Takers answer SYNC® Emergency Assistance calls confidently and professionally.

The website is designed to provide Call Takers with information about SYNC® with Emergency Assistance: You will find a Call Taker Training Video, Quick Reference Guide, Frequently Asked Questions, and downloadable reference information in multiple languages.


Educating to Help Save Lives

Every 112 Public Safety Answering Point is encouraged to share the website information with Trainers and Call Takers to help prepare them for potential SYNC® Emergency Assistance calls, and to include this information in all new Call Taker Training. Since the number of SYNC® users is expected to grow rapidly in Europe in the coming years there is a potential that your Communication Center could receive a SYNC® Emergency Assistance call.


Emergency Assistance