Company Overview

Corporate Overview

FDM Software Ltd. is an innovative provider of enterprise software solutions for decision support and information management in the Public Safety industry, and a proven market leader. Incorporated in 1990 in British Columbia, Canada, FDM provides Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management (RMS) and Mapping and Analytics solutions serving over 450 jurisdictions in Canada and the United States. FDM products are highly adaptable, which enables the implementation of solutions that can be easily adjusted to meet the different and evolving business practices of public safety agencies.

As part of an expansion strategy, in 2010 FDM began looking at markets outside North America. The Company identified the South American market as a very good fit for our technology. In just three short years, FDM has implemented Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Information Management (RMS) systems in Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile.

FDM Software is a privately held corporation and the founder, President and CEO Edward Colin, is still the principal shareholder. As owner/operator, Mr. Colin is actively involved in daily operations and strategic development initiatives. FDM is a viable, self-financed company with conservative, planned growth that employs more than 45 staff in software development, client support, administration, and communications resources. Headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, FDM has regional sales and support offices in Western Canada, the United States, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Paraguay.

Our development philosophy focuses on meeting the current needs of our clients while anticipating changing industry needs. Requests from our clients are also an important source of new product features developed to meet their emerging needs. We continuously research innovative technology both inside and outside the public safety sector, as well as consult with industry professionals. FDM employees maintain an excellent client rapport by telephone, email, site visits and an annual Education Conference in Vancouver, B.C. The result is maximum value and system longevity for our clients.

Only FDM is capable of providing every component of a Public Safety solution, including a complete Analytics suite, mobile capabilities and all required interfaces. We partner with best of breed vendors to ensure we can provide a comprehensive solution to all clients, no matter their requirements.  Ontime and On Budget!

Competitive Advantages

FDM Software is proud to present the following unique capabilities and accomplishments:

  • 26 years in providing innovative solutions to the public safety market.
  • A CAD system scalable proven to handle more than 30,000 calls per day without downtime.
  • A system designed to be flexible; FDM products store business logic in your database, not in program code, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and deployment ease.
  • Tight integration between CAD and in-vehicle software (FDM Mobile CAD), as well as solutions including CCTV, radio consoles, panic buttons and  PBX integration including Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco and CyT.
  • A complete EMS solution using state of the art FDM electronic patient care reporting technology (ePCR).
  • Implementation and support staff that include many former public safety professionals with extensive experience in dispatch operations and technology.
  • Project Management teams with the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that users are successfully trained and up and running quickly.  

Product Overview

FDM Software combines industry expertise and robust software development for full scale client solutions in Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management (RMS), GIS Analyst, Mobile solutions and analytics. FDM systems are designed to grow with the agency in either a metro or multi-agency setting; current FDM systems serve populations from 9,000 to more than 3 million, ranging from a single-user system to those with more than 200 concurrent users. All FDM applications are Windows Client/Server Systems and run on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

FDM understands the reality of meeting current functional requirements and offering rapid deployment. At the same time, we appreciate the fact that our systems have been and will be in operation for a long time at an agency and are expected to provide a futureproof platform for municipalities’ operations. The flexibility of our approach is best exemplified by the fact the same solution have been successfully deployed to dispatch fire, EMS, air ambulances, and police. Our original CAD solution has been in place since its implementation almost 25 years ago; other 20, 15 and 10 year implementations remain in place without downtime, a true testament to the stability and longevity of our CAD and RMS solutions.

FDM CAD is a full-featured Computer Aided Dispatch system based on a proven software platform that was designed and built specifically to provide a strong decision-support tool to call takers and dispatchers. The solution has evolved consistently over the years based on continued market feedback. The underlying platform is built on industry standard technologies and provides an easy to use and flexible environment to support and adapt to new requirements. FDM CAD allows rapid and accurate dispatching, with full incident location information, unit recommendations, hazardous materials alerts, and the ability to easily raise alarm levels. FDM CAD integrates seamlessly with FDM’s RMS to automatically access important information.

FDM RMS is fully customizable with a full range of modules including ePCR, the best electronic patient care reporting system available today, which allows agencies to collect, utilize and share incident and patient EMS data. Other modules include Property, Incident Reporting, Roster/Personnel Scheduling, Asset Management, Preventative Maintenance, Inspections, Training, as well as a map-based solution built on top of ESRI ArcGIS®.  Extensive analysis and reporting capabilities enable you to create and view data and reports on demand.

FDM Analytics allows you to visualize trends in data that would be hard to recognize without a visual front end in the form of graphs, gauges, and charts to items like standards of coverage.  Clients can utilize FDM Analytics for Key Performance Indicators such as average dispatch and response times.  Most services define a standard which they are required to perform to, and dashboards allows you to visualize your performance against that standard extrapolated from the valuable FDM data collected.

FDM GIS Analyst extends the powerful capabilities of an FDM system with real-time interpretation of spatial and non-spatial information. The user-definable map setup and wizard- driven data analysis tools leverage database information for resource planning through real-time viewing of RMS and CAD data with minimal time and effort.

Our Client Services team is focused on helping clients make better decisions for the safety of their communities. 24x7 technical support is backed by staff who are cross-trained in all aspects of FDM’s software. Our exceptional service and commitment to client satisfaction are two important reasons why agencies have been choosing FDM Software for 25 years.


FDM Software systems have stood the test of time, proving they are fully capable of meeting the changing requirements of Police, Fire and EMS agencies for over a quarter century. Because our systems are designed for flexibility, and we train you to customize as you require, our systems are much more cost effective than others that require vendor intervention each time a change is required.

FDM systems are also modular in design, enabling you to add functionality as technology and your community and agency needs change over time. Our partnerships with other key vendors enable us to provide you a complete solution that will meet or exceed your expectations now and into the future.

FDM maintains a close working relationship with its client agencies, and has demonstrated our commitment to developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of an individual agency, or many agencies with similar needs.

We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the full capabilities of our software solution at your convenience.

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