Company Overview


Notico is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Deveryware Group which boasts ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification with 85 people and an annual turnover of €14m.

Since 2003, the group has been specializing in location-based services, currently focusing on innovating and efficient solutions for Safe Cities, both for authorities and citizens in their daily lives.


For authorities, Notico has cooperated with other partners within European projects such as: iSAR+, Soteria, Nexes to finally develop  Notico Safe Cities, a secured web-service allowing authorities to quickly broadcast official and important information to citizens, tourists and also field professionals in designated geographic areas. They receive public warning messages on a unique Notico app to be downloaded on smartphones. Notico Safe Cities notifies people’s smartphones in their own language, of nearby events allowing them to take safety precautions from potential emergency situations such as natural disasters, industrial accidents or terrorist attacks.


Notico also includes a 112 emergency call component compliant following the PEMEA, the Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application specification. The application allows a person in need or a witness to an event to call and report emergency information to the local PSAP (public-safety answering point) with accurate and reliable location of the caller. Notico Safe Cities allow authorities to display where warned people are and whether they have read the messages.


The Notico app also allow to exchange between city officials and citizens other valuable information regarding city life. The Notico app also delivers other benefits to such as family/friend finder or preference-based shopping good deals. It includes the patented PermiLoc system, which provides comprehensive user privacy settings enabling users to choose what type of message or warning they want to receive, who can locate them, where and when. Users can also check who has located them and when.


Based on this know-how, the French government has commissioned Deveryware/Notico to build SAIP (system for alert & information to population) including a specific public warning app featuring a 100% privacy system: no identification nor location are sent by the app to the servers.



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