Company Overview

Creativity Software (CS) has been a pioneer and leader in mobile location technology and services for 15 years. CS has been an advisory board member of EENA for 7 years, focused on helping the emergency services get access to the best mobile location available. Recently CS was a consortium member of the EU Help112 project, testing AML and Galileo location accuracy.


Our award winning location platform LocationWise delivers the highest accuracy wireless positioning, available worldwide. Successfully deployed in mobile networks worldwide, with over half a billion subscribers, it is one of very few platforms globally that is audited daily to meet the highest regulatory obligations.


LocationWise delivers accurate locations utilising:

  • Advanced location modelling technology (Accuracy+)
  • All network technologies (2G, 3G, 4G & CDMA)
  • Advanced Mobile Location (AML) and Android Emergency Location (Thunderbird)

AML solution for the Emergency Services

AMLWise is a standalone module of LocationWise developed as a ready-to-use solution that enables you to receive and decode Android AML data, fully integrated with your CAD system.

  • Simple to implement – we work with Google on your behalf to get AML data activated in your region so you can start receiving it as soon as possible.
  • Cost effective – an affordable solution, that minimises the time, and cost, involved in implementing and managing the project.

AMLWise for regional PSAP structures
Countries with regionally structured PSAPs need to route AML data to the relevant contact centre. AMLWise can centralise all AML data and then push the caller’s location to the relevant PSAP centre. Alternatively, the PSAP centre can pull the caller’s location from AMLWise when they receive the call.


AMLWise for multiple emergency number structures
Countries with multiple emergency numbers need AML data to be routed to different contact centres. AMLWise can centralise all AML data and the PSAP centre can pull the AML data when they receive the call.


AMLWise for the best available caller location
AMLWise can extend to manage both network provided locations and AML locations, to enable PSAP centres to utilise the best emergency caller location available. The two methods can run in parallel and both results may be delivered to the PSAP or you can enable AMLWise to only deliver the location result with the highest accuracy for each call.


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CS delivers high accuracy mobile location software and services for Mobile Network Operators, Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Financial Institutions to save lives, protect the public and prevent crime.


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