Company Overview

Creativity Software (CS) is a global leader in providing high accuracy mobile location data to emergency first responder services.  The company has a suite of products that covers all network technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G & CDMA) which ensures real-time, accurate mobile caller location data is available to PSAPS in all circumstances. 


We are proud to also be able to deliver handset-based location – GPS and Google Android AML.


AMLWise – Future-proof AML solution for the emergency service


Android handsets can provide location data for emergency calls

  • The Google Android operating system can be used to send Advanced Mobile Location (AML) data.
  • During an emergency call, the Android smartphone attempts to establish a location using GPS and Wi Fi. The phone calculates its position and then sends a message to a specified end-point.


AMLWise is a ready-to-use solution that enables you to receive and decode Android AML data, fully integrated with your Command and Despatch (CAD), or other third party systems.


AMLWise is offered as a secure hosted, or on premise, solution that can be set up and be ready to receive Android AML data in as little as 2 weeks.


We will also guide you through the Google registration process, helping you provide all the relevant information and liaise with Google on your behalf to ensure a smooth implementation.

  • Simple to implement – we work on your behalf to get AML data activated in your region so you can start receiving it as soon as possible.
  • Cost effective – an affordable solution, that minimises your time, and cost, involved in implementing and managing the project.
  • Use with regional PSAP structure – centralise all AML data and route to the relevant PSAP centre based on location.
  • Handles multiple number PSAP structure – centralise all AML data and pull the AML data when the PSAP centre receives the call.
  • Combine AML with network data – utilise the best available mobile location information available. Show AML and network locations on a map.


About Creativity Software


Creativity Software (CS) was the first company to deploy the new Google Android AML outside Europe. As an Advisory Board member of EENA, CS was part of the consortium that tested AML under an EC funded programme across the EU.


The company – established in 2001 – supports emergency services, mobile network operators and law enforcement agencies worldwide.


CS is a global leader in providing high accuracy mobile location data to emergency first responder services.


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