Company Overview
Founded in 1988 with 100% Spanish capital, CESTEL (Centro Español de Servicios Telemáticos, S.A.) has continually been at the forefront of the most important technological advances of the past few decades.
CESTEL’s experience is the basis of its capacity to provide telecommunications’ solutions that perfectly integrate business tools and company structures.
Emergency 112/911:
We are focussed in Emergency center systems, where 'Calypso' (our solution) is well-known and wide spread all over Spain. Calypso is an all-IP solution that provides integral access of conventional telephone and VoIP operators to various radio formats (PMR, DMR, TETRA, TETRAPOL), voice and video channels (Analog, ISDN, SIP). It has been integrated with several other 112 platforms, including Cestel's eCall server.
This platform is used fundamentally by emergency-care centers to coordinate different teams and missions.
Calypso brings together a range of radio technologies and conventional telephone services to facilitate interactive communications.
Our emergency center solutions include: 
  • Radio Communication Matrixes that integrate with any telephony system (TDM, SIP)
  • Radio and Telephony Matrixes
  • H234M video support, SIP. Android and iOS apps.
  • 911 Centers specialized Recording Systems
  • RoIP Tunnelizers and IP Multicast Auxiliar Radio systems
  • Support for integrators in the deployment of our products in existing centers (APIS .NET, JEE,C++,..)
eCall Subsystem:
  • Can be deployed as a standalone solution
  • Simple SIP integration to PSAP infrastructure
  • Includes a basic eCallViewer module for independant installation
  • Provides integration APIs for emergency dispatch applications
  • Powered the HeEro2 pilot site in Spain at DGT's headquarters integrated to Telefonica's Seneca dispatch software
For more information: Calypso brochure
Custom taylored solutions:
Besides providing its products and services, CESTEL also creates unique solutions and specific development projects depending on the specific needs of each customer.
Our mission is to put technology to work for customers, by helping them progress and improve the products and services they bring to the market
Cestel is made up of a team of 50 professionals, including directors, technicians and sales and administrative personnel.
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