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In emergency response situations, every second counts. Being at the right place, with the right resources, as fast as possible saves lives, reduces suffering and minimises property damage – but this requires optimum utilisation of public safety resources. With the right decision making and resource coordination tools, emergency response will be faster and more accurate. And as efficiency increases, operating costs will start to decrease. But the greatest saving for society will be one of reduced suffering and lives saved. Carmenta is a software company with over 30 years of experience offering systems for emergency response and critical infrastructure protection as well as high-performance geospatial products and solutions. Carmenta is an international software company with offices in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. For more information please visit  

Contacts (5)
Frida Alfredsson Jensen

Marketing Manager at Carmenta Public Safety AB

Gothenburg SWEDEN

Andreas Bjornberg

Chief Technology Officer at Carmenta CoordCom

Gothenburg SWEDEN

Javier Perez

Technical Sales Support at Carmenta CoordCom

Valencia SPAIN

Steve Watson

Sales Director at Carmenta CoordCom

Stockholm SWEDEN

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