Company Overview

Beta 80 Group started its journey in Milan, Italy’s business capital and one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. It has now become a leading company in Emergency Management Solutions worldwide. As of today, just in Europe, Beta 80 serves over 65 PSAPs and Control Rooms covering Law, EMS, Fire, Healthcare Continuity and Civil Defense. Every day, emma protects over 27 million citizens and has a 100% customer retention rate.


Since 1986, we’ve set out to always create beyond what’s expected. Our solutions come from over three decades of research, development and customer feedback. We never stop testing our products, we invest all our profits in our company, we pursue excellence.


Beta 80 Group’s Solutions include:


  • emma: Emergency Management & Public Safety software platform fully developed and owned by Beta 80 Group. A next-generation PSAP platform, emma has all the features you need: Call Taking, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mapping and Reporting. It includes pan-European eCall deployable solution and AML caller location services. emma is customizable, highly scalable and features all the latest technologies.
  • THE TAVOLO®: An interactive multi touch screen to manage emergency situations and day to day activities. The Tavolo® is designed to improve decision making, enhance interoperability, maximize situational awareness and simplify unified workflows. Now you can coordinate resources, set goals and communicate with agencies quickly and easily.
  • Smart mobility apps for PSAPs: emma is on the streets. Your tablet can now connect with units and exchange live data. emma includes the latest functionalities such as ePCR, AVL and status reporting. Your day to day tablet can be used as an easy, powerful work tool, complete with ruggedized cover.
  • 112 smartphone app for all European citizen.

Beta 80 Group’s software solutions are smart, reliable and intuitive, with flexible features and integrations. You can customize them to your needs: patient care and field base reporting, mapping, making it the broadest solution in the market.

Beta 80 Group’s software solutions are innovative. When it comes to response, the key is being two steps ahead. We believe that studying and planning is essential for an invaluable product. Therefore, we constantly research industry trends and market developments to improve our line. We partner with many companies, big and small, to deliver fresh features and integrations.

Beta 80 Group’s strongly believes in customer care. Our first customer partnered with us in 1991 and has been with us ever since. So, have all the agencies that choose to trust us with their work.

Beta 80 Group is currently active in Italy, USA, Europe and Central America.

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