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Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with annual revenue of over € 11 billion and 110,000 employees serving a global client base in 73 countries.

As a long-time specialist in digital solutions for Homeland Security and Defense, Atos is an experienced partner working with public and private sector organizations to evaluate and adopt digital innovation for the most critical missions.

We bring to our customers the most extensive range of solutions to address their public safety challenges. We provide solutions for emergency and crisis management, tactical communication, law and order, threats intelligence, anti-terrorism, border and immigration, checkpoint control, Smart City security and more.

From observation to action, Atos solutions make it possible to collect and analyze critical data, generate alerts and ensure situational awareness. Anywhere organizations such as police, fire brigade and medical services can obtain the information they need for timely decision making. Atos solutions are based on secure private networks and secure communications. Atos provides a modular end-to-end offer for Public Safety:


Emergency management

  • GEMMA is a next-generation emergency and crisis management multi-agency system, fitting the needs of public safety and other incident-handling organizations. It can cover the entire emergency management lifecycle, from call handling and dispatching to first-responder intervention and event escalation.  

    GEMMA emergency call taking and computer aided dispatch software helps PSAP personnel qualify and prioritize calls and efficiently manage events, and ensures a multi-level and multi-agency cooperation by processing and sharing information in real time, securely managing large amounts of actionable data, combined with secure mobile technologies.

    The GEMMA emergency management system has been chosen by public safety customers around the world, for nationwide systems, for regions such as Galicia in Spain, or for major cities such as Paris.


Predictive Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

  • Atos Multi Agency Interoperability Platform services allows emergency responders to exchange diverse types of messages concerning the incidents they are involved in. Deliverable as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) or on-premises, it provides a secure messaging hub for exchanging incidents between agency control rooms.
  • Atos Codex for Safety is an innovative solution that performs big data analytics on safety and rescue information to deliver an intelligent incident response. By collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, this solution delivers insights that enable a response to be triggered and managed in real time.
  • Atos Edge Computing Vision analyses in real-time the video flows from the cameras. It can run on the highly performing BullSequana Edge server that provides a high computing power.

  • Atos Codex AI Suite is a comprehensive software suite providing the tools needed to scope, develop, roll-out and manage AI applications. Codex AI Suite provides strong machine learning and deep learning.

    Atos partners with Google Cloud to offer its customers secure solutions in areas including hybrid Cloud, data analytics & machine learning.                                                                                       


Network and unified communications solution

  • Atos Multi Network Dispatching and Recording provides seamless communication between field forces and control room (multi-technology), and records communications between command and control center and the intervention forces. It can be connected to operational customer databases.
  • Atos Resource Tracking displays and records on a map the location and movement of mobile intervention forces, including various Point Of Interests, zones and automatic alarms.
  • Atos Unified Communication solutions allow you to receive calls through different channels (voice, video, SMS, eCall, instant messaging, apps, social networks...) into your call routing network, to quickly allocate contacts to the right agent. Atos offers the only carrier-grade VoIP session controller for both call handling and emergency services routing processes, aligned with next-generation emergency calling standards (NG112 / NG911).


Secure & tactical communications

Atos LTE is an end-to end offering for tactical, secure and resilient communications. Atos LTE is based on interoperable LTE modules.

  • Air-Lynx is a range of 4G LTE private network devices that are compact and easily deployable in multiple configurations.
  • CitySafe brings on a smartphone the essential features: 4G voice and data communication, a zoomable map with real-time geolocation of people, materials and events, live sharing of photos and videos, etc. Compatible with IoT, CitySafe can program surveillance drones, collect their data, and integrate sensors placed on equipment.
  • Hoox for mission is Atos’s Android-based solution for safety forces enabling communication functions as push-to-talk (MCPTT) and advanced geolocation mapping features. It includes rugged smartphones, a portable hub that automatically switches between public and private LTE networks without loss of connection, and a security gateway.


Public Warning

  • Atos population alerting ccan cover a city, a region or an entire country. It coordinates different types of alarm systems, including sirens, by providing a unique system that can be run by independent public organizations. Based on redundant command and control centers, the system displays and activates alerts via multiple alert channels such as SMS, apps, radios, a network of sirens and even social networks.
    Our population alerting solutions have been deployed by first responders, government and city services in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.
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