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KING ICT is a regional systems integrator, and the leader in developing and implementing innovative enterprise solutions. Our primary drivers are knowledge, expertise, creativity and motivation to improve businesses and to create added value. Through innovative ICT solutions, KING ICT aims to build a more connected and digital future for our generation and future generations.

New technologies, combined with our knowledge, skills and individualised approach enable us to develop solutions that contribute to the quality of operations, and correspond to customer needs. We offer support and consultation services on digital transformation, through the implementation of adequate technological solutions.

The solutions we deliver range from highly specialised ones to those used by a great number of people in everyday life. Our customers come from a range of different branches, such as transport, energy, agriculture, health care, education, judiciary, trade, finance, telecommunications and many others. Our goal is to build a connected and digital future for our generation and future generations.

Innovative enterprise solutions

Our innovative enterprise solutions are based on new technologies, cloud and mobile first principles. We build data centres, optimise IT infrastructure, implement security solutions and research and develop new ways of managing information, which has led to the creation of systems such as the BI system for business reporting and the GIS solution for the exchange of spatial data.

KING ICT includes a number of specialised companies, including Aktivis, specialised in document management; Smart Energy, specialised in implementing measures in the area of energy efficiency; and Planet IX, specialised in the use of artificial intelligence and its applications in data processing in robotics, drones and pilotless aircraft.

Based in Zagreb, KING ICT is present in the Adriatic region, with offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo. We have developed a network of service centres in Croatia that are available to customers 24/7. We are part of the M SAN Group, which employs over 1500 people.


KING SFERA is a software solution that enables communication, coordination and management in emergency situations. Based on the received information, and in accordance with the action plan, operators at emergency services are able to mobilize the necessary services to the site depending on the type and location of the situation. The system records data on the situation in a single database, enabling all services in the field to have access to complete information and thus efficiently resolve unexpected situations.

KING SFERA is a modular system, meaning that it offers possibilities of upgrading with additional functionalities, such as eCall, display of spatial data, and others. The flexibility of the solution enables links with communications systems of other emergency services, to ensure more detailed collection of information and most effective response to emergency situations.

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