Company Overview

Founded in 2015, Permis de sauver specializes in the design and operation of Emergency and Safety Mobile Apps.


One of the company’s mission is to significantly increase chances of survival by drastically reducing emergency response time and providing emergency equipment mapping (defibrillators, pharmacies, hospitals…).


The principle is simple, any trained rescuer can download free of charge the mobile App Permis de Sauver and register himself as a first responder volunteer. In addition, Permis de sauver’s web platform is made available to PSAPs. The victim or the witness of an accident dial the conventional emergency call number (112 for instance). The PSAP operator can geolocate through Permis de sauver’s web platform the first responder volunteers in the vicinity of the accident and can decide to send a push notification to one or several of them to intervene. The volunteer who accepts the call out is GPS guided to the accident scene to provide first-aid to the victim until the conventional EMS agents arrive on site and take over.

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