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NotrufPlus - the barrier-free direct emergency call

At the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg (THB), the emergency call situation in Europe is being researched as part of a project. It should be noted that the accessibility for people with and without disabilities, the location detection and transmission as well as the direct accessibility of the PSAPs, especially in connection with the actual technologies such as VoIP and VoLTE, require new implementation approaches.

According to research, network-based routing, especially in administrative border areas, as well as the expense of the number-based assignment to the responsible PSAP are currently problematic. In addition, the different emergency call numbers unsettle especially foreign citizens. But transnational emergency roaming is also associated with high demands on the network operators, such as required interface adjustments. Thus, even the currently prioritized methods such as AML and the integration of the position data in the SIP header is not a comprehensive solution to the problems. In this case, only the location data and any additional information is transmitted, the reception can only be made possible by other hardware. Nonverbal communication, e.g. a chat is not possible.

Together with the BSN B├╝rgerServiceNetz UG and in cooperation with representatives of disabled persons, a system has been developed that fully meets their requirements. This is the "barrier-free direct emergency call - NotrufPlus" to the PSAPs 110 (police) and 112 (rescue service and fire brigade) and if necessary also to others:

In a pilot operation with the PSAP Brandenburg, the application has been successfully tested by people with and without disabilities since 31.08.2017.
NotrufPlus is a turnkey solution where there is no more need to spend a lot of effort on development. And it is precisely the routing and the simple integration and operation in the PSAP that distinguishes NotrufPlus. This is the problem that has hitherto caused all barrier- free emergency call developments to fail.

The new feature of NotrufPlus is, that the mobile network is only used as a transport medium for data transmission and communication in conjunction with a geographic routing method.

To this end, novel solutions have been developed and several patents are pending.
The NotrufPlus system consists of the NotrufPlus app, the NotrufPlus server and the Web client within the NotrufPlus communication system.
Already today, NotrufPlus can do what is desired in Europe for the future of the emergency call. No matter where they are in Europe, people can be provided with a custom-made application.

Key points of NotrufPlus are:

  • the NotrufPlus system with a novel geographic routing method (not number-based)

  • the provision of a free app (Android, iOS) for barrier-free use (currently for test users,

    soon to be freely accessible)

  • Selection and routing of the emergency call via a category selection (call number

    does not need to be known)

  • Communication with and without voice or video connection

  • Transmission of the location data determined with the app as well as the presaved

    personal and medical data

  • the location-based geographical assignment of a caller to the responsible PSAP, also

    abroad (roaming)

  • A web client for PSAPs to handle emergency calls and to be included in the existing


  • the automatic retrieval of messages from the emergency call communication server

    by the Web Client

  • a chat feature

  • Emergency call message from generated SMS, if no data transmission is possible

  • optional Emergency call fax in addition to the emergency call message

  • Transfer of pictures and videos

  • the transmission of web links to the caller (for example, for the instructions for


  • Consideration of the wishes of the users and the PSAP dispatchers

  • ensuring data protection

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