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Merkator nv/sa, based in Belgium, has become one of the leading consultancy companies to provide advice where geo-related workflows cross your business needs. Geolocation and GIS have become crucial components in almost any business environment. Merkator is focusing on specialized markets such as Public Safety, Smart City and Utilities & Communications market. Merkator’s consultants have expertise of all leading Geospatial players worldwide and we often combine multiple Geospatial software stacks to offer personalized solutions for our customers.

With the growing Geospatial needs for Emergency Control Rooms we are more and more consulted to provide market scans, RFP guidance, change management and implementation services for all Nextgen security and emergency related initiatives. Only in the CAD software playing field we have more than 100 years of practical expertise. 

At present Merkator employs 65 highly trained professionals in the Benelux Geospatial IT-services & software market and we accept new consulting assignments throughout Europe.

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Geert De Coensel

Director at Merkator NV


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