Company Overview

We develop innovative communications software for emergency and critical control rooms in the public and private sectors. Our solutions deliver critical communications across the transportation sector, multiple international airports and major transportation hubs, as well as supporting police and fire services' control rooms. 

From our base in the UK, we serve customers across Europe and the UAE and we're proud to say that one in two UK police forces are using our technology today. Read on to find out more about our products.

Cloud Control Room

Built for ESN, the Cloud Control Room delivers more for less. When you choose hosted, you'll increase the features and functionality available in your ICCS, CRM, location and other control room services at a fraction of the cost.  


Our Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) is used in over 70 control rooms around the world. It enables rapid communication by integrating radio, telephony, CCTV and more onto one interface for operators. 


Our contact management solution helps you identify, protect and communicate with the public across multiple channels. It's a software solution that can easily be installed to work alongside your existing command and control applications. 

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