Company Overview

Corti makes AI-driven decision-assistance tools for emergency medical dispatchers.

We imagine a future where every medical professional will have an artificial intelligence based expert agent augmenting them as they diagnose patients, eliminating fatal errors and reducing guesswork by enhancing the skills of the human agent.

Like a dispatcher, Corti analyzes everything a caller says and shares, and the data is sent through layers of artificial neural networks in real-time. As an emergency call proceeds Corti looks for patterns in the call data to help the human dispatcher be more thorough and efficient, never missing a single clue. The dispatcher ends up with clear advice from Corti during the call, enabling them to make faster and more qualified decisions and reduce errors. 

We are proudly partnered with EENA to pilot our AI across Europe. If you are a PSAP interested in piloting cutting edge decision-support technology, please reach out to us on our website

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Andreas Cleve

Co-founder and CEO at Corti

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Lisa Mallner

Head Of Engagement at Corti

Copenhagen DENMARK

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