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AT&T is an international telecommunications company that was founded in 1887 when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.  AT&T is a public Fortune 500 company whose shares are listed on NYSE (symbol: T). 

In the United States, we offer TV and wireless nationwide, plus a large high-speed internet footprint. We offer a wide choice of internet speeds to meet customers’ needs. With our 100% fiber network, customers in 52 markets can download a 90-minute HD movie in less than 36 seconds, a 30-minute TV episode in 3 seconds and 25 songs in 1 second. We plan to expand these speeds to at least 23 more metro areas, at least 75 metros in total. We also offer pay TV in 11 Latin American countries.

We offer solutions that help businesses in every industry serve their customers better. We deliver advanced services to nearly 3.5 million businesses on 6 continents. That includes nearly all of the Fortune 1000 as well as neighborhood businesses across the United States.

Our high-speed mobile internet network covers more than 400 million people and businesses across the U.S. and Mexico. We also wirelessly connect cars, machines, shipping containers and more. It's all part of our leadership in what’s called the Internet of Things.

In Europe, AT&T has partnered with MNOs to provide connected car services including telematics, concierge, and eCall emergency calling. 

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AT&T IoT Solutions - Architecture

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