Company Overview

Mobilaris was founded in Sweden 1999 based on the fundament that Finding People Matters™ – no matter if it’s about alerting all people in a danger area or if it’s about tracking and analysing suspected criminals’ movements in history or in real time or locating people and assets in an underground mine.


Authorities have the responsibility to take all possible measures to warn its citizens from potential hazards and provide guidance on what to do and where to go. Mobilaris have for almost 20 years worked to create best of breed locations based solutions.


Mobilaris launched together with Telstra Australia, the world’s first location based SMS emergency alert system, a system that is fully operational and is saving lives almost every day. Our Location Based Emergency Alert system was deployed in Saudi Arabia in 2016 and during Hajj more than 100 million location based SMS was sent over a three day period.


Warning citizens of possible dangers; man-made or natural, is a vital part of a modern society’s infrastructure. People travel more than ever around the world and as mobile technology evolves people rely more and more on their mobile handset for information and less on fixed line communication. The change of behaviour has made the civilians more exposed. With respect to early warning, the mobile device is ideal. The ability to provide up to the minute information to people in real danger has become possible with mobile technology and location based solutions.


Mobilaris is present with our technology globally, enabling authorities and other clients to reach more than 200 million mobile phones for commercial, public safety services, industry solutions and lawful intercept use. Mobilaris help our clients by enhancing their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance using location information as a corner stone. As a company, we are proud to help our clients improve their business, protect the society and employees.

At Mobilaris we keep our core values at the heart of our business; innovation, trust and team work. Innovation is our basis for keeping our motivation on top. We want our clients to feel that we are pushing you to reach your goals faster and more efficient through our innovative organization. We want our clients to turn to us because you can trust in what we promise and deliver. Trust earned from years of successful partnerships with our clients around the world. We want our clients to be part of a team striving towards technology leadership and common understanding.

MOBILARIS solutions satisfy fundamental requirements of Public Safety and Law Enforcement agencies - delivering real-time location data of mobile phones to locate distressed callers, warn people in dangerous areas or discover and monitor suspected criminals. In addition, the data collected can be automatically analysed for historic information, to help detection and prosecution of illegal activities.


MOBILARIS location services for Public Safety and Law Enforcement are available in a range of flexible, cost-effective deployment options, from a low footprint entry point to fully geographically redundant architectures that scales to many thousands of transactions per second.


MOBILARIS has since 1999 delivered positioning and tracking solutions to operators and authorities around the world. Mobilaris have strong presence in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific, where several of the leading countries and authorities in the region has chosen Mobilaris solutions for both Public Safety and Law Enforcement.




Location Based Emergency Alert

An SMS based application that enables authorities to send information and alert SMS to specific areas by marking an area on a map.


EUNOMIA Monitoring Center

A monitoring center for Security Services to locate and analyse phone movement, manage mass location to find deviating patterns in order to pro-actively find terrorists and criminals.

None yet.