Company Overview

Tens of thousands of users count on tried and true Swiss quality from WEY every day.
More than 35,000 WEY Multifunctional Keyboards are already in service around the globe.
Why? Because products from WEY make your day-to-day working life easier.
You can rely on the added security and efficiency.

WEY Distribution Platform

  • Centralised WEY Platform - KVM Switching of the next generation

Multifunctional Keyboards

  • Intuitive control of all your workstations with only a single keyboard - for high performance workplaces

KVM Switches

  • Switching AND sharing all workstations and sources - intuitive and flexible

KVM Extenders

  • True distance independence - remote your computers and enjoy transmission in real-time


  • Professional videowalls in all sizes and shapes - customised system integration and flexibility
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Antonino Cannizzaro

Sales Manager Southern Europe Control Rooms at Wey Technology


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