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Carbyne is a national emergency communication platform, running the most advanced technology for emergency infrastructure. Our focus is enhancing communications with national and local emergency services, acting as a gateway for delivering rich and smart data from the citizens to the Public  Safety Answering Points. We connect individuals in emergencies and non emergency situations to emergency services via live video and audio. Using mobile paltforms, smart devices and iOT - Carbyne helps emergency services establish what is happening in real time and provide citizens with faster emergency support. 

Our real-time, video based platform, which is supported by an advanced Positioning System, offers immediate and live video reporting from the scene of hazard. With just a click of a button from mobile phones, wearables, smart cars or other smart devices, a live video report is transmitted directly to the dispatch center, along with a 2-way audio conversation (or text), maximizing accurate response by call takers, cutting down on response times and ultimately saving lives.

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Amir Elichai

Founder & CEO at Carbyne


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Iris Hermon

VP Marketing at Carbyne


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