Company Overview

RapidDeploy is the most advanced Cloud-based Call Taking, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Reporting and Mapping platform available on the market.

RapidDeploy's systems are designed with low cost, low friction deployments in mind. Our cloud-based platform allows seamless system scaling, running thousands of incidents concurrently, catering for small provider and governments alike.


RapidDeploy's Mission is to reduce response times for all


The Platform was designed by first responders from varied disciplines; Medics, Search and Rescue and the Security sector, resulting in a powerful software able to manage emergencies of any type, urgency, or scale. RapidDeploy's real-time Call Capture and Dispatch platform uses multiple data sources to automatically assign the closest relevant available resource to any incident. Our mobile platform enables full audit trail for quality assurance and effective coordination of all active resources.


RapidDeploy is:

Customisable: RapidDeploy uses state of the art technology to solve challenges faced by Emergency Services such as reducing response times, Incident Command & Control and effective real-time Multi-Agency Communication between First Responders and Dispatchers.  RapidDeploy is fully customisable from a settings page, this removes the need for drawn-out implementations.  

Ecosystem: The RapidDeploy Ecosystem has native inter-agency operability with the ability to network any two or more Implementations together.  This allows the electronic passing of order flow between agencies.  Hierarchical implementations are possible too, allowing the Parent Implementation to view LIVE activity and report on all members of the hierarchy. Multi-agency reporting is achieved the same way, paving the way for standardised national reporting of geographically disparate services.

Cloud: Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud (Government Azure Cloud for US Government Agencies), the RapidDeploy platform is both resilient and scalable for dynamic workloads. Cloud deployment means RapidDeploy is much cheaper than costly on-premises solutions.  Data-loss is mitigated as the cloud data centre backs up in real time.  System upgrades are also rolled out in real-time without any loss of service – and can be easily rolled back, without loss of service.

Tailored:  Role based security allows for tailored levels of Solution Functionality – different users can experience different work flows, segregation of duties as well as Permission-based reporting and access to information. 

RMS: A Permission-based Record Management System (RMS) solution with a zero-archive policy.  All documents can be retrieved throughout the life of the implementation.  Native Free Text Search is included throughout the platform.

Telematics and Fleet Tracking:  RapidDeploy is integrated with several telematics and GIS platforms for real-time vehicle, vessel and aircraft tracking. Integrations include Tracker, TomTom Webfleet, KeyTelematics, Globalstar and Silverye Aviation.

RapidDeploy Mobile Phone Field Service App offers a Dynamic Form Building Engine that can build and present any type of electronic form required.  The forms can capture Photos, Geo-location, Barcodes, Signature on Glass and any Alphanumeric field.  RapidDeploy uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically tag evidence for simple identification and use Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) to decrypt and tag licence plates from vehicles.

Integration with any PBX call handling solutions are available; from simple screen pops to native soft phone functionality.

PTT: Push-to-talk integration for most popular devices and networks, including AVL/APL and short message services where available.

RapidLocate allows the call taker to send an SMS to a smartphone and return that phone’s exact Latitude and Longitude. (Mobile Data Connection Required)

RapidVideoStream allows the call taker to send an SMS to a smartphone and turn that target phone into a Live Video Stream that plays back to the Dispatcher for enhanced Situational Awareness and Evidence Gathering. (Mobile Data Connection Required)

IoT API:  Some of the IoT signals RapidDeploy currently processes via our public API include; Mobile Panic Buttons, Inter-Agency Orders, Hijacked Vehicle Signals, Crash Detect Alerts, Home Burglar Alarms, Defibrillator Signals, Weather Alerts, WAZE Traffic and Accident information.

RapidDeploy does Mission Critical Dispatch faster, cheaper, and more reliably than anyone else.

RapidDeploy's offices are in Africa, Europe and the United States.

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