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In disaster situations the functioning telecom networks are of vital importance. Loss of telecommunications can completely paralyze rescue operations. However it happens many times that even dedicated public safety networks fail in emergency situations. That is why an alternative communication system is an absolute necessity for every civil protection organization.

APM-40 system is an excellent complement to the existing system of public safety telecom networks. APM-40 allows for a rapid deployment of voice communication network in disaster affected areas even when all other infrastructure (telecom, critical, electro-energetic) is down.

APM-40 is a fast and reliable solution for establishing a comprehensive telephone network quickly and simply. All you need is a pair of copper/steel wires (filed wire) and several APM-40 telephone terminals. Each APM-40 terminal represents a simple building block of the network and is strung along wires up to fourteen (14) kilometers long. APM is a fully decentralized system. Each APM-40 telephone terminal has embedded PBX and MUX functionality, which means you can gradually build a network of two to forty telephones without any need for a centralized unit.
The network makes it possible to carry on seven duplex voice conversations at the same time over one pair wires (field wire). It also allows conference and broadcast calls, and features many PBX functionalities. Due to extremely low power consumption the APM-40 can work with a set of standard AA batteries for many weeks. Optionally can be powered locally (small solar panel or batteries), which ensures total independence from the electricity network.
Furthermore, it is possible to make connections (via a special APM-40/I gateway unit) to another APM network, to a PSTN network, and to radio networks.

All of these features make APM a comprehensive, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use means for establishing a voice communication network under exceptional circumstances. Quickly established and efficient communication between disaster relief forces enables them to fulfill their responsibilities to alleviate the suffering and damage caused by disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

The APM-40 system also has many applications in other fields: field hospitals, fire brigades, nuclear power plants, refugee camps, large construction sites, tunnels, underground garages, mines, caves, scouts, sports, and other major events; wherever wireless communication is not possible, not economical or not enough reliable (jamming, saturations).

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MVM TEL d.o.o. is a leading provider of innovative niche telecom-market solutions for telcos and public safety organizations (mission-critical). Our team builds on almost thirty years of experience in R&D and very close cooperation with end users. Our expertise lies in xDSL, technologies, fiber optics, remote power feeding, and other areas. Our systems are carefully designed for ultra-low power consumption and can therefore be powered remotely or via batteries, solar panels, and other options.

In the world of telecommunications, everything changes—and it changes fast. We have not been simply a silent observer of the migration from the old circuit-switching world to new-generation IP networks. We participated with many solutions that made the transition easier for our customers. Now we’re focusing on solutions for delivering premium Triple Play services over a hybrid fiber/copper access network on the one hand and dedicated wireline solutions for public safety networks on the other.

We’re dedicated to providing the best quality, value, and service to meet our customers’ needs and to make their business a success, always coming through for them.




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