Company Overview

Unblur helps emergency services make faster and better decisions by providing relevant and valuable knowledge to incident commanders when they need it.

During emergency situations, information is critical for Incident Commanders. New technologies like drones, body cameras, GIS are providing real time information that brings a new challenge within: the information is fragmented and unfiltered, thus saturating decision makers deployed on the field.

For that purpose we are developing IRIS, a modular SaaS platform specifically tailored for incident commanders, allowing them to:
- Integrate multiple sources of data into a central hub
- Process and display relevant information
- Coordinate teams and other agencies to take action

IRIS is a new opportunity for first responders to truly embrace new technologies in their mission: Saving lives and protecting properties.

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Alfonso Zamarro Junquera 洪泽

CEO & Co-founder at Unblur

Barcelona SPAIN

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