Company Overview


EMERES INC. is a Canadian based company that offers a world class, emergency call handling and dispatch solution designed to meet the needs of 9-1-1/1-1-2 multi-agency services as well as single Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies worldwide. The product offering is in constant evolution to incorporate innovative customer driven demands, industry best practices and Public Safety standards.


The solution is currently in use by agencies serving countries, states, counties, cities, small municipalities, designed to handle the diverse needs of customers anywhere in the world, in the country’s native language. The product is offered in any language with active agencies in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.


The solution includes the following major components:

  • A Softphone application and Call Handling module that integrates with leading call center solutions to offer a consistent methodology to process emergency and non-emergency calls.
  • A Dispatchapplication that allows dispatchers to manage the response to CAD events as well as the safety of first responders.
  • Mobile applications and apps that allow first responders to exchange event information with dispatchers and other responders.
  • A Reporting module that provides comprehensive statistics on calls, CAD events, agents and resources to allow an agency to manage its quality of service as well as across the board audit capabilities.
  • Extensive Integration capability to exchange information with third party applications, systems, external databases and leading analytics solutions.


What differentiates the EMERES solution is:

  1. Proven scalability and fault tolerance including remote site survivability features that makes it ideal for private cloud and/or multi-site implementations,
  2. Extensive configurability to adapt to agencies’ specific needs,
  3. Feature richness using NENA / EENA / APCO and UCADFR as technical requirement benchmarks.


EMERES is passionately committed to help agencies manage and improve public safety by leveraging innovative technologies.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with you.



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