Company Overview

 The IMA Group develops, assembles and implements assistance service solutions for the shareholders and clients who use our services.

Whether in an emergency situatin or for longer-term needs, IMA beneficiaries enjoy a extensive range of assistance services for automobiles, travel, property, health, personal services, international mobility, and customer relations and services. 

Helping and advising people in facing the unexpectedanywhere in the world.

IMA was founded in 1981 by 3 leading mutual insurance companies (MAAF, MACIF, MAIF), which were later joined by MATMUT,  Mutuelles des Motards, AGPM, and MAPA…

All of these shareholders are part of the social economy, and their primary ambition from the onset was to offer top-notch service to their policyholders. In line with its original purpose and history, IMA S.A., a company managed by a Directorate and   Supervisory Board, is still headquartered in Niort (France) where it has maintained most of its activities.

IMA Group Core Values

People are at the heart of all of our business activities.
Respect allows us to understand each individual’s needs and expectations.
Our common commitment is reinforced by our knowledge of the challenges and objectives to be met, ans is based on a strong feeling of belonging to an enrichingly diverse and supportive   Group.
Our professionalism is based on our know-how and our humane approach to service.

Our efficiency is guaranteed by the fact that we are prepared, responsive, flexible, rigorous and ethical.

IMA is an international Group with 19 different legal entities located throughout Europe and in Morocco.
All of the companies belong to IMA S.A., the Group’s holding company (with a capital of €31,407K),and form an integral part of the Group’s business dynamics.

Logistics and means deployed

  • + 3.2 million people benefited from our assistance services (1 person receives assistance every   8 seconds)
  • 13.4 million telephone calls
  • 1,672,000 roadside assistance calls (1 intervention every 20 seconds)
  • 152,380 vehicles rented
  • 1,299,248 hours of home help
  • 2,176 medical transportation (medical evacuations)


  • 55,000 professional service providers selected, in France and internationally
  • 190 airline companies are regulary solicited, seven of which have established commercial and operational agreements with IMA
  • 9,400 registered medical facilities (hospitals and clinics)
  • 132  technical and medical correspondents
  • Total staff* :  3,381

IMA serves over 45 million people

  • 602 € million in consolidated turnover
  • 11.5 € million in net consolidated income
  • 2,041,674 assistance claims processed (IMA E.I.G. and subsidiaries) including 100,450 « Geolocation Emergency Calls/ eCall» claims including 41,451 medical claims
  • 404,761 service requests handled by Inter Mutuelles Habitat (IMH)
  • Over 65,000 sites under surveillance, 307,000 alarms processed and 15,800 interventions by private security and prevention agents managed by Inter IMA Protect
  • 2.25 million service contracts with multichannel processing by IMA Technologies

Euro 602 million* in consolidated turnover for the Group




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