Company Overview

“HELPNET” is the name of an Emergency Call Service for automobiles offering by Japan Mayday Service Co., Ltd. (JMS).

This service mainly consists on eCall and ACN, Automatic Collision Notification, and it covers whole country of Japan.

JMS also started AACN, Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, from April 2018.


JMS was established in September 1999 along an “ITS Plan & 9 important goals” set by Japanese government in August 1996.

Although JMS is a private company, it was established with capital contributions from various companies throughout Japan, due to the high publicness of emergency call services.

Main shareholders are as follows;
  - All of the car manufacturers in Japan
  - Three major telecommunication carriers in Japan (NTT, KDDI, Soft Bank)
  - Almost all of major car navigation manufacturers in Japan
  - Major Banks, Insurance companies, etc.


JMS started “HELPNET” service in September 2000, and has been providing it for 17 years all over Japan.

As of October 2017, one million vehicles are supported by JMS.


In Europe, #112 covers both Police and Ambulance, but in Japan, there are two different emergency call numbers. #110 for Police and #119 for Ambulance.


JMS is the only emergency call service provider that can connect the call to most appropriate Police/Ambulance head office, and it can send accident/vehicle data and voice call to 52 Police and 733 Ambulance head offices all over Japan through its leased line network.

At the AECS 3rd meeting held in February 2014, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism introduced JMS as “the PSAP in Japan”.

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Mr. Ichiro Ando

General Manager at Japan Mayday Service Co.

Tokyo, JAPAN

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