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Telespazio France, leading the way in satellite services


As a key player in space infrastructure operations for more than 30 years, Telespazio France supplies value-added satellite services and applications for geoinformation, navigation and telecommunications.


Telespazio France is the French subsidiary of Telespazio, a joint venture of Leonardo and Thales. Based in Toulouse, Telespazio also has facilities in Paris, Bordeaux, Kourou and Libreville.


Leveraging its legacy of innovation and driven by the ambition it has nurtured from the outset, Telespazio France is working to bring the benefits of satellites to the widest number.


Referenced provider of satellite telecommunications and value-added geoinformation services, Telespazio France is also a key player in satellite navigation, bringing in particular its operational dimension in full partnership with Thales Alenia Space (Thales/Leonardo), the European leader in EGNOS and Galileo satellite navigation systems and ground segments.

Our mobility service portfolio is benefiting from our “Location As A Service” platform that delivers reliable location technologies with innovative features based on EGNOS and Galileo signal specificities.

Fully compliant with industry standards for location (such as OMA SUPL 2.0), such a solution is targeting to provide location anywhere and anytime even in very dense areas, in easing the deployment of value added services such as e-Call and E112.

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Matthieu Forte

Head of Navigation Department at Telespazio France

Toulouse FRANCE

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