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Capita Secure Solutions & Services is the UK's leading supplier of Public Contact and Control Room solutions with a 30+ year pedigree supplying mission-critical command, control & communication platforms to Emergency Services and other response agencies in the UK and overseas.


Core products:


ControlWorks® is a single platform communication hub which puts transformation within the grasp of every agency. ControlWorks® is live and proven in operations in some of the largest agencies in the UK including major metropolitan and national police forces.


ControlWorks® is borne out of our understanding and direct experience in control room systems and offers a major step-change in efficiency. It brings together core control room and contact centre functions and automates interaction with other systems to enable organisations to transform the way in which they operate.


ControlWorks® is a single solution for all contact centre and control room operations. It enables organisations to cost effectively manage all of their operations from a central viewpoint and improve the experience of callers through enhanced contact management. It also ensures that Officers with the right skills, equipment, incident knowledge and experience are safely and quickly despatched to incidents.


ControlWorks® enables a faster and more consistent response, giving greater access to information to frontline officers, greater efficiencies in co-ordinated responses and facilitates greater communications access and understanding by the public. It minimises human error, providing fail-safe monitoring of repeat callers and alarm notifications for incidents such as recurrent contact. ControlWorks® provides operational agility and lowers the barrier between frontline an mid office operations and the back office support functions.



The 'Eye' platform, delivered securely as a service, provides 'on scene eyes' to Control Room operators by streaming video direct from a caller's smartphone.

  • Secure, one-time-use link sent to caller by SMS or email
  • Video streamed direct to Control Room or, under low bandwidth environments, as still images
  • GPS enabled to allow for accurate location of caller
  • Ability to share the video or images with other control room operators or responding resources across mulitple agencies if required
  • Works on any smart device and operating system - no need to download any apps


DSX Integrated Communications & Control Solution (ICCS)

The DSX range of Integrated Communication Control Systems (ICCS) is the hub of the  Control Room product range, designed to provide integrated control of a host of communication subsystems. These may include digital trunk and analogue PMR radio systems, call handling systems, digital and analogue telephony, CCTV, voice recorders, intercom systems, door locks and alarms. It also provides the capability to integrate with both internal and external sources for provision of the correct decision making information for the dispatch process.


These systems have been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the Emergency Service Call-Handling and Dispatch environment. Capita solutions have been proven over many years in the mission critical Public Safety environment where security and resilience in communications can be the difference between life and death. Our extensive product range is also being used to provide valuable solutions to many other organisations such as transport authorities, port authorities and a range of private companies for whom secure and reliable communications are vital.


Over 130 DSX systems are now in use with UK based customers in Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard, Military and Highways Agency installations. The DSX is the only ICCS solution that is currently being used to fully support countrywide operation in the UK, by agencies such as British Transport Police, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and Search and Rescue.



VisionDS provides the complete Control Room solution combining state of the art Command, Control and Communications with integrated mapping to enable operators to work more efficiently through an intuitive user interface in a single solution.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated communications

Through a single client interface full telephony, radio and data communications can be handled efficiently.

  • Improved response times

The use of AVLS, dynamic mobilising and the monitoring of activation times assists in improving response.

  • Greater utilisation of vehicles and asset management

Driving savings through more efficient use of resources.

  • Reduced voice traffic

Through data integration reducing work load on the control room and reducing costs.

  • Portability

Uses industry Standard hardware and operating software which can be simply implemented anywhere on the network supporting both central and distributed control rooms through flexible deployment.

  • Integrated mapping

Fully integrated mapping provides extensive geo-centric capabilities without the need for a separate GIS.

  • Scope for collaboration

Flexible solution supports multiple agencies and a shared platform.


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