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Septier Communication Ltd. has been in the forefront of the cellular positioning world since its inception in the year 2000. The company has developed its cellular positioning platform, SeptierWhere™ to provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability and has deployed it successfully in cellular networks worldwide including the US, LATAM, Europe, Africa and Asia. As the need for accurate positioning of cellular emergency callers has risen, Septier has met this challenge with the most complete portfolio in the world of cellular positioning. SeptierWhere™ been implemented for providing positioning service of emergency callers time and again to the full satisfaction of the cellular network operators and the regulators governing them.


SeptierWhere™ includes the following positioning modules:

  1. SeptierWhere™-A: standards based GMLC/SMLC, MPC/PDE and A-GPS/SUPL
  2. SeptierWhere™-P: passive network based positioning based on Septier dedicated probes
  3. SeptierWhere™-D: application based module, designed specifically for the needs of emergency services
  4. SeptierWhere™-R: RF based positioning, using Septier’s unique LMUs, for enhanced accuracy in areas of special interest


In addition to cellular positioning for emergency services, Septier is also active in the law enforcement, intelligence and defense markets, providing interception and cellular positioning products. Other product lines are aimed at enterprise telecom cyber security  .

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