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Public safety and security organizations need to achieve and maintain high levels of service, while managing the expectations of citizens, the mandates of public officials and regulators, and the impacts of new forms of technology. However, legacy technologies, budget and staffing pressures, a lack of technical resources, and resistance to change create challenges for emergency services and security teams.

By improving the quality, accuracy, and availability of critical information, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s integrated solutions for incident and event management, records management, and analytics increase public safety and security performance and productivity, while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission-critical IT investments.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure (formerly Intergraph SG&I) helps to improve operations and manage change intelligently and effectively. Our solutions connect organizations with the mission-critical and business-critical data necessary to make better, timelier, and more informed decisions.

As the global leader in computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software, our public safety and security solutions help protect one in 12 people around the world. With decades-long customer relationships, our solutions are trusted by thousands of organizations of all size and scope around the world.

Reliable, scalable, and interoperable, our solutions enhance capabilities, improve agility, mitigate risk for enterprise systems. In the operations center or in the field, on-premises or in the cloud, at a workstation or through a mobile app, our solutions deliver greater situational awareness and better results.



  • Safe City Framework – Connectivity, collaboration, and intelligence for safe cities

    No single device, application, or solution can make a city safer. Safe cities achieve transformational change by overcoming information, process, and technology siloes to enhance existing solutions and deliver entirely new capabilities and services.

    To realize these benefits, cities must accommodate diverse organizations and IT environments. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Safe City Framework offers flexibility, while advancing capabilities. It breaks down silos, supporting solutions that are practical to implement within a city’s new or existing ICT infrastructure.

    Safe cities and communities must not only protect people and property, but also economic activity, the environment, and the public perception of the city as a safe place to live, work, and visit. Safety in cities and communities depends on multiple services working with singular purpose on common objectives.

    Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Safe City Framework brings critical information, systems, and organizations together to solve these challenges. Our Safe City Framework offers flexibility and breaks down silos, supporting solutions that are practical to implement within a city’s new or existing ICT. Hexagon’s integrated solutions and coordinated capabilities enhance a city’s safety, security, and resilience functions to better manage growing demand and modernize service experiences. Independently assessed as the global market leader for dispatch and GIS software in control rooms, Hexagon is uniquely positioned to realize customers’ safe city strategies through our extensive portfolio of solutions and domain expertise for vital public services.

  • Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch – Industry-leading incident management software

    Hexagon’s Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) is a broad suite of industry-leading incident management software. I/CAD features complete, integrated capabilities for call handling and dispatching, intelligent mapping, field communications, data reporting and analysis, and application integration. I/CAD enhances the quality and availability of critical information, providing a common operating picture for intelligent response.

    With I/CAD, organizations can implement applications, interfaces, business rules, and workflows that meet their specific needs, from single agencies to multi-agency communications centers to virtual consolidations and hub-and-spoke deployments for agencies sharing common systems.

  • Intergraph Planning & Response – Manage the entire life cycle of major incidents and events

    Hexagon’s Intergraph Planning & Response is a modularly structured application for managing major incidents and events. It integrates and coordinates resources, procedures, and communications for individual agencies or across jurisdictions and tiers of command.

    Intergraph Planning & Response comprehensively fulfills incident command system (ICS) requirements. It harnesses the collective capabilities of diverse responders and provides a single source of information throughout the entire life cycle for safe, efficient, and effective operations.

    Intergraph Planning & Response is the perfect strategic tool for command staff and special operations rooms that enhances situational awareness and the preparation, communication, and coordination of major incident and event operations.

  • Intergraph InSight – Make public safety analytics, crime mapping, and reporting easier and faster

    Intergraph InSight helps public safety agencies overcome the challenge of reporting and analyzing the large amounts of data created and collected from computer-aided dispatch and other systems. It creates a single data source, which users can explore, analyse, and share through interactive dashboards and reports. With this Hexagon solution, your agency can see your data in new ways for performance assessments, crime analysis, crime mapping, resource allocation, operational improvements, and more.

    Intergraph InSight offers a multi-source data warehouse, unlimited data integrations, easy customization & configuration, on-premises or cloud deployment, clean, comprehensive and business-ready data, pre-built & custom reports & dashboards, spatial analysis & playback.

    Intergraph InSight provides your agency with a solid foundation for accurate and reliable reporting and analysis, empowers your staff to run usable reports and analyses, and gives your leadership the critical information it needs to improve public trust.


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