Company Overview

LIS is a software company with over 30 years of experience in the field of security.

Our software LIS SP - Service Plus - offers a broad, modular and integrated range of products for all agencies, organizations and institutions with security tasks such as firebrigades, ambulance services and private security companies.

We support CAD - computer aided dispatching - with interfaces for alerting, reporting, the management of tools & devices, staff and extensions for a billing systems.

All tasks & processes of an organisation can be handled in one system. The modular system design allows for increasing or changing requirements. Data used already in one module can be used immediately in other modules.

With appropriately configurable interfaces, the modules of the administration can be coupled with CAD systems of 3rd parties

A short list of our software modules:

* CAD with interfaces to 3rd party systems
* Disaster Management
* Interfaces to / from other control systems
* Interfaces to third-party alerting systems
* Reporting & billing of incidents
* Staff management & roster tool
* Management of tools & devices, maintenance of devices
* Documentation of daily events during a shift, tasks & events
* Statistics

We develop based on the existing standard solutions individual adaptations and solutions and thus offer a high degree of investment security.

Your solution - from a single source


Since there are many standard solutions, one of our main goals is to customize our solutions for your special & individual requirements. For detailed information or requests visit our homepage or contact us directly.


For any request, please contact

Arno Tiemeier, Sales
+49 171 7791157

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Arno Tiemeier

Managing Director at LIS

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