Company Overview

IABG is a leading European technology and science service provider with about 1,000 highly qualified employees in Germany and the EU.

The company builds on over 50 years of experience with the life cycle of technical systems covering vendor-neutral analytical, technical and operational solutions in the sectors Automotive, Information & Communication, Mobility, Energy & Environment, Aeronautics, Space, Defence & Security.

As a privately held corporation, IABG exclusively represents the interests of public and private sector customers and offers integrated, future-oriented solutions with impartial, competent consulting through technological excellence across industries and domains. The service spectrum for governmental bodies, authorities and organisations with security tasks covers extensive expertise to the breadth of issues vital to todays and future key emergency services requirements. It is the mission-critical environment which faces emerging new risks and technology development at a rapid pace, resulting in increased complexities of information and communication technologies with its integration and interoperability challenges.

Command and Crisis Management Centres – predominantly command and control is about communications. We provide all services necessary to successfully plan, deploy, upgrade, and migrate or to consolidate Command and Crisis Management Centres for efficient joined-up emergency communications with citizens and between response teams. A thorough requirements definition along the operating processes, technology and staff, ICT-architecture design for multi-site and multi-agency deployments towards the test of implementation and operation support is accomplished.

Mission Critical Communications - we conduct network infrastructure and architecture planning, prepare procurement, integrate and support comprehensive, reliable and secure communication system operations including Professional Mobile Radio Networks (TETRA), robust Next Generation Emergency Services IP-Networks and Unified Communication solutions for our customers. Also mobile services like alert management for emergency services as an integral component for mobilising emergency forces are considered.

Geospatial-based Solutions - spatial information has become a mission critical requirement for any emergency services operation. Therefore, our range of services covers the acquisition, processing, analysis and the visualization of spatial information from any source in two or more three-dimensional vector maps, digital city models, terrain models and orthoimages to complement the operational picture for incident leaders. Services for remote sensing for geodata acquisition and inquiries across sensors and applications as well as photogrammetry are provided. Finally, command centres are maintained in their effort to assure geodata quality, plan and conduct geodata migration and also provide GIS solutions consulting in case of future upgrades.

Space technologies and services – emergency services processes are increasingly dependent on space technologies e.g. location, navigation, or network synchronization. We support the engineering and procurement of hybrid satellite communication systems for our customers and end-to-end satellite solutions for secure data, voice and video communications are provided for world-wide deployments and for short term accessible stand-by capacities in times of crises. With the Galileo satellite navigation system, the emerging “Public Regulated Service (PRS)” enables   government-authorised users to utilize secure and reliable position and timing services to be used for sensitive applications and response staff will participate from a guaranteed service which is encrypted and designed with anti-jamming mechanisms.  In-depth expertise is available to evaluate PRS requirements and viability analyses, to support receiver development, to provide secure test sites, as well as implementation and migration concepts into existing infrastructure e.g. key management can be executed.

Cyber Security – Transparent and adaptive security and risk management systems are crucial for any performance-boosting decision and management structures. Our experts ensure the introduction of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) with risk management in emergency services organizations. Security audits, crypto inspections and security appraisals (ISO 27001, BSI IT baseline protection) ensure a continuous support.

Technology Expertise and Procurement Support - Technology analysis and evaluation e.g. innovative ICT solutions or (counter)-drone and sensor technologies mapped with thorough requirements analysis and proof-of-concepts (PoC) enable customers to reduce time from innovation to operation significantly. We also ensure that our public clients prepare sound and economic proposals with a requirements definition and the tender preparation including evaluation support build-up the basis for a smooth transition with the selected supplier in the implementation phase.

Project Management & Training – guarantee a structured execution of tasks according to defined goals and expectations with proven and certified (GPM, IPMA, PMI, V-Model) project management experts.

IABG is pleased to present the following distinctive competences and accomplishments:

  • Trusted partner - we are a reliable, independent partner of many organizations in the private and public sector including local and federal governments, police, fire and rescue services with a long lasting track record in the public safety market;
  • Public safety innovation – we monitor, evaluate and certify innovative and standards-based secure communications solutions reflecting emerging risk and societal change for a continuous support of the emergency management cycle, to drive customer skills and capacities in mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery;
  • Holistic approach - the success of our customer is our success. We provide vendor-neutral consultancy services with a broad competency spectrum to meet customer expectations;
  • First-class experience - our experts accompany the planning, procurement phase, enable optimization of the networks, system engineering and reduce the risk of implementation end-to-end;
  • Reliable operation – we ensure and improve operational processes and security measures of command centres and communication networks.


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